New US Postal Service regulations

It’s a fact: postal delivery is changing…

Cluster Mailbox | CBUThe U.S. Postal Service requires all new single-family residential areas, all new commercial areas, and existing areas where mail delivery has not been established to have mail delivered to a centralized postal location.

Who does this impact?

Developers, builders, property managers, HOAs

What are your next steps?

1. Contact your local postmaster and regional code enforcer to find out how these revisions will be enforced in your area.

If you need information on who to contact locally, the USPS has furnished a new email ( to find your area’s Postal Service contact.

2. Identify the mail center options that best suit your centralized delivery needs.

  • How many individual units?
  • What type of Mail delivery products best suit your needs?
  • How many locations will be in the area?
  • What type of structure, if any, will be required house the mailboxes?

Mail center options.

More about mail kiosks.

To aid their efforts in driving all new deliveries to centralized mail service, the Postal Service created a new guide for planning mail delivery in new developments. This link can be accessed here: U.S. Postal Service National Delivery Planning Standards- A Guide for Builders and Developers

How can we help?

At Carolina Streetscapes, we provide turnkey solutions to the changing USPS delivery requirements.

We can:

  • Replace existing mailboxes
  • Retrofit an existing mail area
  • Build/expand current kiosk areas
  • Build covered mail areas in subdivisions
  • Construct mail centers for neighborhoods

Carolina Streetscapes stays on top of the changing regulations, so you don’t have to! We can help solve your mail center needs. We design, order, deliver and install mailbox solutions to meet the changing face of mail delivery. Additionally, we offer to be a liaison with the Post Office to get approval on central mail locations, address sequencing, and coordinate the start of delivery.

Contact Carolina Streetscapes about your mail kiosk, today!

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